Stepping Out

I want to update you on what has been going on behind the scenes here at Brilliant Blends on a personal note in my life.

At the end of 2021 I began a 6-month Executive Coaching Certification. This certification is in psychedelic plant medicine and taking it into the executive workspace of corporate America, as well as the mental health space.

I began this journey to help and to heal others. To help bring the 50 plus years of research by wonderful scientist from Harvard, Stanford, Yale and Johns Hopkins to the forefront of medicine to hopefully help decrease the use of anti-depressants, and psychiatric drugs in my own caseload, as well as the US as a whole.

I felt led to do this by the increase I saw within my own private practice during the Pandemic, with children as young as 12 years old attempting suicide and teenagers being diagnosed with medication resistant depression, which is considered a fatal diagnosis. I knew I could be part of the solution instead of contributing to the statistics. What I didn’t realize is how profoundly healing it would be for me. This journey of learning about the in-depth parts of plant medicine, connecting with individuals across the globe, and true mind, body, and spiritual healing has been something I never knew to ask for. Something I never knew I could receive…Truly a Gift from the Universe.

As part of my training, I recently went to Costa Rica for a week long, amazing, life-changing retreat. Our theme of the journey was “Step Out of the Story”

Our story is so interesting, isn’t it?

What we tell ourselves that isn’t true? Our belief systems we develop from childhood conditioning. Core conditioning and programming that can create so many blocks and hurts in our lives It affects our true essence of being. Fear is usually at the core.

In stepping out of my story, I am going to be sharing with you on a regular basis my healing journey, in hopes that it might resonate to help you as well. It is a step of faith and overcoming a lot of fear in terms of judgment, criticism, and being ridiculed as a doctor for my beliefs and practices. Please know I am coming from a place of authenticity and integrity. If what I am learning on my journey can be helpful to one other person, then my job as been accomplished.

I have already shared my personal micro dosing experience. I will be sharing much much more in the coming weeks from my personal experience on many levels. Myself and our son Zach will be helping in rolling out new programs over the next couple of months in weekend and one day workshops we will be hosting in the San Clemente and Dana Point area. We will also be doing a 4-day retreat in May at our new property in Kansas. That is one you don’t want to miss!!

As I know this new information and modalities may not be for everyone and I certainly don’t want to impose on anyone who doesn’t want to be apart.

However, if you are interested in being a part of the information I will be sharing of my own journey and healing. Or you want to know about upcoming Transformational workshops and weekends. Or you want information on our new Transformational exercises and modalities being offered in our Newport Beach Office, please reach out to me personally at jhandy@mybrilliantblends.com. Just shoot me a quick email that you are interested in receiving information and I will make sure you are included in our community.

So much GRATEFULLNESS to you for being a part of Handy Wellness and all that you mean to and me and my family.

Huge Blessings!!

Dr JoQueta Handy


”To live with courage is to trust the heart.”

– Boyd Varty, Lion’s Tracker’s Guide to Life